Uses of AI Face Recognition Technology Makes it a Must Have

What is AI Face Recognition?

AI Facial recognition technology is a collection of algorithms that operate together to recognize individuals in a video or a fixed picture.

AI face recognition software has lots of advantages which is given below:

  • Anti-spoofing capabilities;
  • Real-time identification;
  • Access multiple cameras.

Where is Face Recognition AI Used Today?

1. Health care

The healthcare enterprise stands to acquire a lot by executing an AI-powered Face Recognition outlet. It becomes easy and elegant; doctors can track patient medication consumption

2. Customer recognition

The old CRM software asks for many login details to identify a customer. But if you are using face recognition technology you will not require any segments.

3. Security

 In any areas like businesses, law enforcement, governments, etc, security is a prime factor. Face recognition technology evolves more authentic and faithful when AI is combined with deep learning and machine learning. 

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