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An NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital token stored in a blockchain that acts as a unique certificate. It proves ownership for physical or virtual items such as audio tracks, photos, videos, etc.

How does the NFT Marketplace Work?

An NFT marketplace works like any other online store. The customer registers on the platform, creates a digital wallet, and after that, can store NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

NFT Marketplace Development

We follow following stages for NFT Marketplace develoment:

Stage 1: Discovery

The Discovery phase is the most important one when commencing development on the NFT marketplace. During this phase, The development team have to figure out the initial details of the project and assess its technical feasibility and viability.

The preliminary points when considering platform structure, roles, the back-end and front-end, and DevOps operations should be discussed as well.

Stage 2: Development

In this stage, Business analysts and designers develop the wireframe, layouts, and prototypes of an NFT marketplace’s user interface. The key to this is accurately describing the user flows and features of the website.

UX/UI designers are responsible for the navigation, look, and feel of the interface that makes the first impression of your platform to users. Make sure your design team has a good understanding of your requirements, market trends, and the needs of your target audience.

Front-end is the external part of your NFT marketplace platform that handles the interactions with your customers. During this phase, the main task is to ensure the platform’s ease of management, reliability, and performance.

Stage 3: Testing

Your QA team should perform several stages of code testing to ensure that everything works exactly how you intended it as well as make sure that the code is free of bugs.

Also, your team has to check the content of the pages along with the platform’s usability, safety, and performance in all possible scenarios.

Stage 4: Deployment and Support

At this stage, your team is ready to deploy the NFT marketplace on the server. After this, you should look into organizing the work of the support service to help your users cope with possible bugs and confusion when using the platform. It is also recommended to consider the further development of the marketplace to satisfy current market trends and ever-changing user expectations.


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