Features You Should Look For In A Voice Broadcast Software

Voice broadcasting is a component that allows you to connect with people at scale. It helps to convey information to thousands of people without human intervention.
In this blog, we will examine lots of features that grow your business. The largest field of call centers where the users of voice broadcasting software.

Key Features of Voice Broadcasting Software

1. Text to Speech

This segment permits you to personalize your messages for each recipient separately. You can even put names and other appropriate details of the candidate to personalize the call.

2. Interactive voice response

This system authorizes you to confront the possibility founded on what they type on their keypad after listening to your first message. 

3. Call Reporting & Analytics

This provides you with clear perspicuity into your campaigns like the total number of answered calls, missed calls, and other details.

4. Live call transfer

Voice broadcast messages are also offered to the live call transfer featured.

5. Scheduling control

 Another feature of a voice broadcast system provides you the flexibility of selecting the time and even choosing the stop time of the campaign. 

Four Ways You Can Use Voice Broadcasting 

  • Surveys
  • Reminders for Appointment or Renewals
  • Event Invitations
  • Offer Updates

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