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Shopify vs Magento – Which Is the Right Platform for You?

Are you looking for Best CMS for your online shop but confused between Shopify and Magento? Shopify and Magento both are built for eCommerce. In this article. We will compare the pros and cons of both e-commerce platforms. We at Athos technologies offer both Shopify and Magento development services at an affordable cost. We have a dedicated and experienced team for Shopify and Magento development.

Magento vs Shopify: Pros and Cons


Shopify Pros 👍

  • Cloud-based store so don’t worry about hosting and security.
  • Lots of beautiful free and premium themes available to choose
  • Easy to use and build the store.
  • Multichannel selling – You can sell on Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, and eBay
  • Shopify app store for extending the functionality
  • Great customer support
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of checkout and payment options

Shopify Cons 👎

  • Only a few themes are freely available. You have to pay for themes.
  • Apps also cost you monthly so it increases your monthly cost.
  • There’s a fee for every transaction (unless you use Shopify payments)

Magento Pros 👍

  • The large User community for support
  • No limitations – Flexible platform
  • Magento is the ideal platform for medium to large online shops.
  • Lots of free and premium themes are available to choose from
  • Best Customer support available
  • Open-source platform and free to use
  • Large extensions repository with free and paid options

Magento Cons 👎

    • You know the coding or hire a development team.
    • Not the best option for beginners
    • Requires a lot of time to set up
    • You have to purchase hosting to run your store and other costs associated to run a successful online store.

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